Mishti releases new single, "Crave"

How did this song come about?  What inspired it? 

“‘Crave’ is actually the first song I wrote! I had been wanting to write songs

forever… and it didn’t come as naturally to me as other things did, so I gave up

pretty quickly. I didn’t realize it was something that would be a process that

develops… and is still developing and it still terrifies me! So I was going

through some sort of bout of unrequited love, and nothing is more motivating

than that! It’s cliché for a reason. And I’m ok with that since yearning and

fantasies of your selfless noble love for someone is pretty universal. I guess

we’re all saps.”

How would you describe the mood of the song?

“I recorded this song a few times before it found its current state since it was

just never right. My fantasy was always to impress this person with the genius

of the arrangement, and strings and vocals and layers! And the song said

“NOPE!” I still think of it as a slow simmer, very personal, but from a position of

strength and not desperation (I wonder if that came with perspective and

viewing the song differently from performing it so many times). I see it as very

close, and almost more introspective than it is a lament.”

Listen to “Crave”, now available on all streaming platforms.

Mrinalini RoyComment